Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator Ventilator Sleep Oxygen YU300

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yuwell Portable Oxygen Concentrator 

Homecare  oxygen  bar Max flow 5L

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    •  High concentration and stability, can meet the medical level requirements

    • • Stability: can work continuously for 480 hours oxygen concentration Compressor Oxygen flow rate Oxygen concentration: 1L can reach more than 99%

    • Quiet and comfortable ,The positive 43D (A) (average) 

    • • More intimate service, yuwell Store supplies t he whole machine 1 years guarantee, compressor 3 years warranty Let you worry free after sale

    • • Compact and portable for vehicle use Can be in the car, enjoy the continuous oxygen supply

    • • Oxygen bar for household Fashion appearance

    • • Compression pump life up to 8000 hours, strong stability

    • • High reverse display LCD screen,Easy to change screen, easier to Clean

    • • Infrared remote control oxygen generator in real tim

    • If the machine fails, the machine will automatically alarm, remind, every 100 hours will have a filter cleaning Real time  

    • • One button operation, more convenient to use Simple, quick, easy to operate, and never worry that mom and dad will not use i

    • If you need the same version of the High edition please click here:   2L- Homecare Oxygen Concentrator YU300 S



    • Input Power: 110VA / 150VA

    • Oxygen Concentration:30%-94%;  Flow Range:1-5L/min.

    • Weight:7.5kg;  Size: 27cm*17.5cm*29.5c


    Packing List

    • Warm Tips:There 4 different plug versions for widely using.Please kindly choose the available one or contact us before placing order. 

    • 1 X oxygen concentrator; 1 X nasal cannula; 1 X Filter felt; 1 X AC

    • This product operation is very simple,,is Chinese interface.There is an English operation manual in the package.

    • This yuwell oxygen concentrator can be used with your CPAP machine at the same time if your CPAP nose mask has a tube that allows you to attach the end of the oxygen tubing from the oxygen concentrator.

    • Click here for more accessories


    you can enjoy the continuous supply of oxygen in the car!Need to buy another power supply


    1-5L adjustable oxygen flow : Continuous stable oxygen concentration

    1L 90; 2L 50%; 3L 40%; 5L30%; : Bring you medical-grade home oxygen therapy experience


    Intelligent alert--multiple malfunction alert


    One button operation--perfect for parents, seniors and pregnant women; great gift idea


    Infrared wireless control--convenient and hassle-free(3) -  HTB1OqRcd21TBuNjy0Fjq6yjyXXaU


    We offer corresponding power plugs for different countries. Please leave a message to tell us which power plug type you need.

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    YUWELL is the top one brand in Chinese homecare medical device industry.

    Market share have kept No.1 in fields of respiratory system,cardiovascular system and endocrine system.

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    Brand Name: YUWELL
    Model Number: YU 300
    Certification: CE,FDA
    Flow range: 1 - 5 L/min
    Oxygen concentration: 30%~90%
    Input Power: 130 AV
    Wight: 7.5 Kg
    Operation noise: 43 dB
    Operate: Auto
    Wireless Oxygen Generator: Infrared control
    Large LCD: Clear real-time display
    Operating System: Chinese
    package: Chinese
    Operation Manual: English

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