Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator blood oxygen Nebulizer

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Intelligent oxygen generator by YUWELL 9F-3AW

Stable oxygen flow

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  • Stable oxygen flow,High intake position, cleaner air; 

  • 4 kind alarm system,use more security;

  • Backlit LCD screen: more convenient for seniors and users with bad vision;

  • with wheels for easy moving and carrying; with storage area to store small objects;

  • User-friendly: with humidifier bottle to moisture oxygen; 

  • built-in oximeter to monitor blood oxygen saturation;

  • Remote control function;



  • Input: 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz; Power: 320VA

  • Oxygen range: 0.5L-3L; Oxygen percentage: 93%±3%

  • Nebulizing efficiency: ≥0.15ml/min

  • Output pressure:20-50kPa

  • Noise range: front 45dB Avg.; overall 50dB Avg.

  • Net weight: 16.5kg; Size: 50*21*64cm  


---   Packing   ---

  • 1 X Oxygen generator Host;

  • 1 X Ear-wheat oxygen-absorbing tube;

  • 1 X Nasal breathing tube ;

  • 1 X User manual,

  • 1 X warranty card;

  • 1 X filter felt;

  • 1 X Atomization accessories

  • 1 X 3L oxygen bag (GIFT)



  • The maintenance services for those above 1.5 years will be reasonably charged.

  • This product operation is very simple,,is Chinese interface.,This product operation is very simple,,is Chinese interface.

    You can contact us for an English manual.

  • YUWELL is the top one brand in Chinese homecare medical device industry. Market share have kept No.1 in fields of respiratory system,cardiovascular system and endocrine system.



Let technology rhythmic life / Enjoy the stability /  of oxygen supply / Medical grade atomizing / 9F-3W oxygen generator 


Visible Oxygen Concentration: Large LCD display, high-definition backlight display


Blood oxygen saturation test: Oxygen inhalation immediately visible


Medical supplies stabilized oxygen: 93%±3%Oxygen concentration  3L/min Oxygen production capacity


Remote control / Comfortable Mute / Pure Oxygen / Stabilized Supply / Intelligent Alarm


Light weight,easy to move: Heavy 16.5KG, small size, easy to move, storage, Handling; have atomizer function work

M-_07 M-_10 - M-_09

Fault detecting switch / Storage case / Lifting handle / Overload protection / Removable filter screen / Universal rear wheel / Power switch

Rubber front wheel / Alarm light / HD large screen / Flow display / Flow control putton / Atomizer / Removable humidifier bottle

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Brand Name: YUWELL
Model Number: YUWELL 9F-3AW
Power Supply: 110-220V,50HZ
Flow range: 0.5 - 3L/min
Certification: CE
Oxygen concentration: 93 +- 3 percent
Safety protection: 4 intelligent alarms and fail safe protection
Wireless control: Infrared remote control
High intake position: Cleaner air
Remote control function: Professional medical
Oxygen concentrator medical: Stable and continuous oxygen supply
4 Alarm system: 4 Safety protection
package: chinese

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The heart necklace was also delivered with GOOD DEAL COMPANY Standard Intl Shipping. The product arrived in 16 days. The estimated GOOD DEAL GROUP LTD delivery time listed on as per the product page as you can see here was 15-30 days.   Cost: Free.

GOOD DEAL GROUP Standard Intl Shipping.  It was delivered in only 13 days. The estimated GDC delivery time was 15-30 days, which means. iIt beat the earliest estimate by two days, as per the product page.   Cost: FREE

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The bracelet set was also shipped by ePacket. It was delivered in 15 days. According to the product page, that’s one day earlier than it’s minimum guideline of 16-26 days. Cost: $2.94

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