Xiaomi Yuwell Oximeter OLED screen Digital Fingertip Pulse

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1. as dry battery is prohibbited by airlines, so 2 pcs AAA batteries not included.
2. the blood oxygen is xiaomi ecological chain brand-Yuyue brand, there is not any xiaomi mark on the product and the gift box, pls note it.



In order to reach  your healthy lifestyle goals, it is  important to know and understand your blood oxygen saturation. This  oximeter is simple to use. Once fingertip is placed in the padded clip and power is switched on, the oximeter will begin measuring  blood oxygen levelsand pulse. Auto power off function makes it more energy-efficient. 


Product Details:

Item Type: Blood Pressure 

for (Blood pressure): Finger 

Materials: ABS +Silicone

Product weight: 0.0310 kg 

Product Size ( L x W x H ): 58*32*34mm

Package Content: 1 x Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, 1 x User Manual (Chinese only)


Main Features: 

--Care for health: Convenient to measure blood oxygen levels and pulse 

--OLED screen display: Newly designed with adjustable OLED screen, you can easily read the results from four orientations 

--High-speed sensor: Built-in high-speed sensor, only 8 seconds, you can read the measurement results 

--Auto power off: The oximeter turns off automatically 8 seconds after finger is removed, good for energy conservation 

--High quality: The oximeter is crafted from high quality, lightweight materials, durable and portable 

--Compact size: Mini and portable body, easy to use at home or carry in your trip 

--Suitable for:  adults  

--Blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate are measured with the touch of one button. 

--Just put your one finger into the oximeter that the data will display on the screen. 

--Oximeter turns off automatically 8 seconds after the finger is removed.

--Power: Works with 2 AAA batteries ( not included ) 

Note: Chinese and English versions are sent randomly

Brand Name: Xiaomi
Model Number: XIAOMI Blood Oxygen
State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
Scale: 1:5
Features: Slot
Gyro: Yuwell Blood Oxygen
Control Channels: 2 Channels
Max Speed: YX305

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