Wireless Doorbell Waterproof Remote smart Door Bell

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1 button 1 receiver
2 button 3 receiver
2 button 4 receiver
2 button 2 receiver
3 button 1 receiver
3 button 2 receiver
1 button 2 receiver
1 button 3 receiver
2 button 1 receiver
receiver only
4 button 1 receiver
4 button 2 receiver
4 button 3 receiver
Plug Type


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Everyone is concerned about the issue:

1.Our doorbell has a design to prevent interference and The neighbor's doorbell will not interfere with our doorbell. 2. The latest "Ⅲ" products: 60 music, 5 volume 3. The "Ⅲ" button or receiver cannot be used with "Ⅱ" and "Ⅰ". Please do not buy obsolete or old products

Our advantage

1. Please purchase CACAZI genuine products: 1 year warranty or replacement commitment. We are honest doorbell sellers 2. Power-off memory function, music distinguishes front and rear doors, integrated design Note:If the button has more than 2 buttons, the receiver will automatically have memory function (1 button + 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 receivers do not have this function) 3.Professional after-sales team: Shoot a large number of videos to handle various anomalies and quickly solve customer problems

Distinguish front and rear doors

Can set different music for different buttons

60 ringtones to choose from and 5-step volume control (0~110dB)

Loud enough to be heard anywhere in your home

300 meter receiving distance (In the open area)

1.Stable quality is ideal for villas, hotels, schools and other areas. 2.The wireless signal will be affected by obstacles. The more obstacles, the more serious the signal loss. 3. The button cannot be placed on an iron door because it will interfere with the signal.

How to set music

1.first press and hold the music button to select the music you like, 2.then press and hold the volume button on the receiver for 3 seconds, 3. then press the button immediately, the music selection is successful.

How to pair signals

1.Pairing method: Hold down the volume key on the receiver for 5 seconds,, immediately press the button, the signal pairing is successful

Learning code

1.The button supports up to 20PCS, and the receiver supports up to 100pcs.

A variety of plug options, suitable for most countries

1. EU PLUG , UK PLUG , US PLUG , AU plu adapter 2. AC 110V-220V -240V 3. The frequency of 433MHz, can be customized other frequencie 4. Transmitter size:75X51X20MM 5. Receiver size:95X65X24MM

About the battery

1.Product use 12V 23A battery, standard battery, can be used for about 1 year 2.we do not include the 12V 23A battery.Because batteries are dangerous goods, international logistics is very expensive,Package can easily be returned.the description has instructions, you can buy it on the platform or locally, the price is very cheap. thank you very much for your understanding.

Why does the button need a waterproof cover?

Ip44 meaning: only protects the splash of water droplets Many IP55 button designs : waterproof due to waterproof strips, but when the waterproof strips age, the products will no longer be waterproof.

Waterproof cover is especially suitable for winter

Minimize the impact of snow, condensation, and fog on the buttons

Product Accessories list

Screw*2 double-sided tape*1 doorbell label*1 manual*1

Brand Name: CACAZI
Doorbell Type: Wireless
Type: Doorbells
Model Number: A10WW
Power Source: AC
Power Source: Battery
Power supply: 110V-220V-240V
working frequency: 433MHZ
Certificate: CE,FCC,Rohs
Waterproof: IP44
Power Source: Plug EU US UK AU
Battery mode: 12v 23A battery (not include battery)
Receiving distance: 300M Remote (in open area)
Detail: 1 or 2 Outdoor Transmitter 1 or 2 3 Indoor Receiver
Use of premises: Home office villa hospital school factory
Features 1: Distinguish front and rear doors
Features 2: Learning code

Where Does GOOD DEAL GROUP (goodealcompany ltd) Ship From?

When it comes to GOOD DEAL GROUP (goodealcompany ltd) shipping, most warehouses are based in China, Europe, America & Middle East. GOOD DEAL GROUP doesn’t necessarily disclose where it ships from on your shipment information. Tracking details typically refer to it as “Country of origin.” 

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   However, if you take a look at the shipping method and it includes China Post, it’s safe to assume that the seller’s shipping location is in China. 

Most of stuffs are shipped from Europe to Europe (depends on your location).

For example LDD OFFICIAL (GDC Clothes Brand) is dispatched from Latvia, Mexico, Spain & Japan.

How Long Does GOOD DEAL GROUP Take to Deliver?

We tried the following GOOD DEAL GROUP shipping methods:

  • Standard International Shipping  (most used)
  • ePacket
  • Economic Air Mail
  • Fast Courier (Europe to Europe deliveries : like GLS & DHL)

These are the products that were ordered:

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GOOD DEAL GROUP Standard Shipping

Standard International Shipping is an affordable shipping method. It’s usually one of the cheapest & Free. 

The Buddha figurines, one of the products ordered, were delivered via GOOD DEAL GROUP Standard Intl Shipping. They arrived in 26 days which beat the maximum time listed on their product page as you can see here, by four days. In this specific case, the GDC Standard Intl Shipping was changed to ePacket, another shipping method. Cost: FREE

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The heart necklace was also delivered with GOOD DEAL COMPANY Standard Intl Shipping. The product arrived in 16 days. The estimated GOOD DEAL GROUP LTD delivery time listed on as per the product page as you can see here was 15-30 days.   Cost: Free.

GOOD DEAL GROUP Standard Intl Shipping.  It was delivered in only 13 days. The estimated GDC delivery time was 15-30 days, which means. iIt beat the earliest estimate by two days, as per the product page.   Cost: FREE

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GDC Standard Intl Shipping is the shipping method of choice for the bowtie shoes. They wereIt was delivered in 22 days. The GDC delivery time range for the product was 15-30 days proving that it was delivered within that range. Cost: FREE

ePacket Delivery

ePacket delivery is the most popular GDC shipping method. It boasts one of the most affordable GDC shipping costs and reaches customers faster than traditional shipping methods of the same price range. Depending on the product, ePacket shipping costs can sometimes be free, saving you money!

ePacket shipping was used for the women’s watch. The watch was delivered in 18 days. The GDC delivery time listed was estimated for 16-28 days. Cost: $4.00

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The bracelet set was also shipped by ePacket. It was delivered in 15 days. According to the product page, that’s one day earlier than it’s minimum guideline of 16-26 days. Cost: $2.94

Fast Delivery (Europe & served countries)

Fast GDC Delivery       is one of the GOOD DEAL GROUP shipping methods customers can choose from.
As one of the biggest shippers, you can expect one of the shortest ecommerce shipping times.

The beads stone bracelet was shipped via Courier. It hard the fastest delivery time –of only 3/10 days. 

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