Baseus Smart Tracker Mini Anti-loss Wireless Track Device Smart Key Tag Locator Track

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Model Number: Smart Anti-lost Device
Operating Language: English
Item Name: Baseus Intelligent Anti-loss Device
Model:  / T2
Material: PC
Color: White / Blue / Pink
T2 Model: Baseus Intelligent T2 Rope Type Anti-loss Device
Rated Voltage: 3V
Rated Current: 3.3mA
Rated Power: 10uW
Volume: 80-100dB

----------- Notice ----------

Please open bluetooth and position on your phone when using it, product only connect 1 phone. If you want to change others phone, please delete matching on your first phone.

Cell transfromation Anti-loss Alarm

Monitor the wherabouts of items in real time by interconnecting the anti-loss device with cellphone APP, so as to prevent items from being lost and find them in time.

Reverse Call Easy to Find Cellphone

Disconnection Alarm Two-way Anti-loss Distance: 10m(Indoor)~30m(Outdoor)

When the distance between the anti-loss and cellphone is larger tahn the safe connection distance that will reminds you to check your belongings.

APP Intelligent Trajectory Safe and Anti-loss

In the disconnection mode, open "Baseus intelligent" APP to check the recent disconnection position of the anti-loss device so that items can be traced.

Anxious to Get Out Always Forget Where to Put the Key

One-key search, Anti-loss and Anti-forgetting simple operation and easy recovery

No Matter How Much in a Hurry to Go to Work Never Forget to Bring Important Documents

Prevent Your Baby from Wandering off

A high Volume buzzer, can be heard clearly outdoor to prevent wandering off

Long Endurance Easy to Change the Battery

The normal battery life of T1 model can last for more than 12 months in normal standby, T2 model is more than 6 months. It’s may vary with user's application environment and objective factors, there may be different degrees. APP is featured with battery level reminder, and users can replace the battery of the corresponding model for the product based on the usage conditions

How to Download and Setting?

1.Download client Search for "Baseus intelligent" in APP stores such as "Yingyoubao" or "360 mobile phone assistant" or scan the QR-code in the instruction manual to download and install APP. For the first download, please click the "Register" button to register your account, or click the "Login" button if you already have an account.

✍APP Launch permission settings (for Android) "Baseus smart"APP must be resident in the background and keep running continuously to make sure the "mobile phone" can receive the alarm of anti-loss device.(All android phones have the function of automatic cleaning with the screen off currently. If the "Baseus smart" into the white list of cleaning, then the "Baseus smart" APP will be resident int the background and run continuously.) Enter settings-Open APP- APP launch management-Open the APP manually: Allow auto-start, start association, allow background activity. ✍ Connect to device (for Android) 1. After downloading the APP, open the "Wireless function and location". 2. Open "Wireless" and click "Settings" option: Turn on the "Wireless", open the "Geographic location" and click the "Settings" option. Turn on the "Location information" * Please keep the network smooth when connecting to device. ✍Connect device (for IOS) 1.Download APP and open the "Wireless function and positioning function" 2.Authorize wireless and accept wireless permission of usage. 3.Open the location permission, click the button "Allow", click "Allow when using App" to allow "Baseus intelligent" to access your location, and click the button "Allow when using App" 4. Open the notification and click the "Allow" button to allow "Baseus intelligent" to send notification to you. * When connecting devices, please turn on wireless and keep the network smooth.

Warm Tips:

1.APP can only support the email to register now; ( ps: if you have a Chinese phone number, you can use that number to register) 2. The password must be 6 or more and consist of letters and numbers; e.g: abc123; 3. If you have not received the verification code from your email inbox, please look it up in the Junk/Spam mail, it may have been blocked; If the above steps do not solve the "email cannot register the application account" problem, please contact our customer service center first, we must provide you with a satisfactory solution.


Introduciton of 2 modes

✍A:①When the distance between the anti-lost device and the mobile phone is greater than the safe distance, the two-way call alarm will sound.

② One-key search function: click the search key (mobile phone or anti-lost device) to be searched and an alarm tone will sound. The open environment distance is about 30M, and the indoor environment distance is about 10M. There is a "beep " sound when disconnecting the Bluetooth link.

T2 Battery: 3V 75mAh
T2 Product Size: 37*25*6mm with Rope
T2 Standby Time: 180 Days
Sensing Distance: 10m(Indoor)~30m(Outdoor)
Fountion 1: Anti-loss Tracker; Dog;
Fountion 2: Key Finder;Tile Tracker;Key Tag